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Eat Plants Feel Whole CREATION Health Bible Program: A Journey of Discovery Personal Study Guide
Eat Plants Feel Whole
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Personal Study Guide
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You want to be healthy. You want energy and vitality. You want to live your best life. We all do. Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based (beyond vegan) lifestyle. You’re interested, but don’t know where to begin. In Eat Plants Feel Whole, Dr. George Guthrie shows you the way.

This Bible study workbook is perfect for small groups, individual study, or to accompany the CREATION Health seminar. Each chapter looks at the scriptures that support the eight principles of CREATION Health. They also include interactive activities and small group discussion questions. With CREATION Health Bible Program, you'll discover that exploring the Bible can be fresh, practical, captivatingand healthy!

This essential study companion includes health articles,
scientific studies, stories, self-assessment tests, skill builders with questions, and tips to inspire success.
Guía Personal de Estudio del Seminario de Salud CREACIÓN CREATION Health Journal CREATION Health One-Sentence Journal: A Three-Year Record – (Hardcover)
CREATION Health Journal
Our Price: $12.00


Journal your progress to a healthy lifestyle in this 80 ruled page, faux leather book monogrammed with the CREATION Health logo. Makes a great prize or give-away at your next seminar.

The CREATION Health One-SENTENCE Journal is a simple, fun, and powerful tool to transform your life... one sentence at a time.

CREATION Health Devotional for Women – (Hardcover) Guía Personal de Estudio del Seminario de Salud CREACIÓN Guía de Discusión para Grupos Pequeños del Programa de Salud CREACIÓN

Featuring 56 devotionals from 44 authors, this beautifully written and illustrated devotional is the perfect gift for helping you find balance, peace, and joy in a swiftly moving world.


Devocionales de Salud CREACIÓN (Spanish Devotional - Softcover) Creation Health Discovery – (Softcover) Descubra los principios de Salud CREACIÓN: Viva Su Vida al Máximo

Las historias tienen el poder de cambiar vidas, inspirar salud y sanidad. En este devocional encontrarás historias que muestran la gracia de Dios en momentos difíciles, Su presencia en momentos de paz y Su gozo en momentos de triunfo.
Creation Health Discovery takes the 8 essential principles of CREATION Health and melds them together to form the blueprint for the health we yearn for and the life we are intended to live.
CH Devotional (English) – (Hardcover) CREATION Health - Life Guide #1 CHOICE CREATION Health - Life Guide #2 REST

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Stories change lives. Stories can inspire health and healing. In this devotional you will discover stories about experiencing God’s grace in the tough times, God’s delight in triumphant times, and God’s presence in peaceful times. Based on the eight timeless principles of wellness: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook, Nutrition.
Choice is the first step toward improving your well being. Before we can achieve positive changes in any area of our lives, we must choose to do so. Conscious decision-making is the key to experiencing the positive impact of good choices. In Part 1 of "Creating Healthy Habits for Life," you'll learn how to make effective choices for a lifetime of well-being.
Rest is incredibly powerful. It refreshes, rejuvenates, regenerates and rebuilds the mind, body and soul. Rest empowers you to function at your best. Optimally, rest includes a good night’s sleep as well as time to relax and rejuvenate daily, weekly and annually. The true benefits of rest are misunderstood and often unappreciated. The stress and pressures of life can accumulate over time and can create a generalized "dis-ease" with life. Proper rest is a powerful antidote for this common problem. Journey through this Life Guide and be rejuvenated by the power of rest!
CREATION Health - Life Guide #3 ENVIRONMENT CREATION Health - Life Guide #4 ACTIVITY CREATION Health - Life Guide #5 TRUST

Environment is more than just the external space around us. It includes what happens within us as well. All of our senses - sight, smell, sound, touch and taste - can influence our mood and our health either positively or negatively. Research demonstrates not only the importance of our larger environment to our health (air and water quality)
, but also our immediate environment (light, sound, aroma and touch). In this Life Guide, you’ll discover ways reinvent your environment and revitalize your life!
Activity is the fourth guiding principle of the CREATION Health Lifestyle. Activity includes both mental and physical movement and development. The mind and the body are intimately connected. A fit mind promotes a fit body, and a fit body promotes a fit mind. Activity is a powerful way to grow, feel great, keep healthy and thrive. Through this guide you’ll transform your activity patterns and revolutionize your lifestyle!

Trust is the fifth guiding principle of living CREATION Healthy. A loving, all-powerful, all-knowing Creator God is the focus of this Life Guide. When we come to Him just as we are, He works to transform us and to re-create us into His image. If we realize that God loves us despite our flaws, and that His will can lead to our joy and fulfillment, then we can begin to trust Him. It is only in trusting Him that we receive the power to be transformed by His love and grace. A trusting relationship with the Creator empowers every aspect of our lives and enables us to achieve the fullness of CREATION Health. This life guide will take you on a journey through trust and renew your spirit!


Do you value kind words from a close friend? How about a wholehearted hug in hard times? We encounter many of life’s greatest joys while sharing hopes and dreams, hurts and hugs, with family and friends. Yet some of these relationships can also be our greatest challenges. People are wonderful - and people are terrible. That’s where God can step in with his box of "relationship tools." The tools God uses with us - such as grace, love, truth, and time - are the same tools we can use with others. These tools are proven to grow, nurture, and even repair relationships. They are designed to help us become healthy humans and compassionate friends.

Outlook is a gift you give to yourself -- it's the colors with which you paint the world.  Some of us leave smudges of gray and dark purple as we frown through the day.  That’s our choice.  Others leave sparkling designs of gold, green, and sky-blue.  That’s also our decision.  God designed each of us to be different, special, unique, and wonderful."  But having a negative outlook is not in His plan."  A negative outlook switches off the lights of hope.  It changes love to hate, and peace to stress.  A positive outlook does just the opposite.  It turns on the lights, ignites love, and allows our heart to focus on possibilities, not problems. He made us to be positive, and His example sets the standard.  In this Life Guide, you'll learn how to create healthy habits by changing your Outlook. Food is the fuel that drives your life. It can rev you up or slow you down. Your mood, attitude, emotion, and thinking ability are all affected by what you choose to place in your mouth each day. Take time to evaluate your intake. Even small improvements, done regularly, can supercharge your health. Eat for energy. Eat for life!
CREATION Health - Life Guide Series Bundle Forgive To Live – (Hardcover) Forgive To Live Devotional – (Hardcover)

8 Guides. 8 Principles. One Powerful Message. Packed with fresh insights on abundant living. Save big by ordering this complete set.

($103.92 Purchased Separately)

In Forgive to Live Dr. Tibbits draws on his personal experience as a pastor, counselor and chief people officer at the largest admitting hospital in the country to give compelling solutions from the three unique perspectives: counseling, medicine, and faith. It’s a life-changing message that can transform your life personally, relationally and professionally. Dr. Tibbits presents the scientifically proven steps for forgiveness – taken from the first clinical study of its kind conducted by Stanford University and Florida Hospital.

In his powerful new devotional Dr. Dick Tibbits reveals the secret to forgiveness. This compassionate devotional is a stirring look at the true meaning of forgiveness. Each of the 56 spiritual insights includes motivational Scripture, an inspirational prayer, and two thought-provoking questions. The insights are designed to encourage your journey as you begin to Forgive to Live.
Forgive To Live Workbook -  (Softcover)

This interactive guide will show you how to forgive – insight by insight, step by step – in a workable plan that can effectively reduce your anger, improve your health and put you in charge of your life again, no matter how deep your hurts.

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